[Warning: this post contains spoilers about the 5th season of Game of Thrones. Read at your own risk]

Sometimes, conspiracy theories are focused on plotting out secret world governments, the real reasons for the existence of Area 51, and the actual perpetrators of the World Trade Center attack in 2001. Sometimes, just as much time is put into creating wild fan theories about the next season of a TV show. The latter has just happened to Game of Thrones.

HBO has released the posters for season 6, and one of them has thrown fans of the series into a whirlwind. A poster showing a bloodied Jon Snow hanging his head over the text “April HBO.” This comes after a huge twist in last season’s final episode, where Jon Snow is stabbed Caesar style.

game of thrones season 6

This wouldn’t be a big surprise. More recently, a similar situation occurred with the hit show The Walking Dead, (although for spoiler’s sake, I’ll refrain from discussing it here). It’s entirely possible that he’ll be coming back, but for how long and how are two big questions for the community. As well, Kit Harington, the actor that plays Jon Snow, has stated that the character is dead, and even commented on this earlier in the year.

“We have to go by what ‘Thrones’ does,” said Kit. “And ‘Thrones’ treats drama as real life. And people die and don’t accomplish what we think they’re meant to in real life. And I think that’s one of the powerful things about ‘Thrones’.

What do you think about Jon’s fate? Was it sealed with daggers in the hands of mutineers? Or

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