In an announcement by the creators of ARK, there will be a special event during the Halloween period. Studio Wildcard has mentioned that when the update goes live, there will be some tweaks to the time cycle where the days become shorter and nights last longer and there will be a few additional creatures to bump into during the night.

It was elaborated that there will be bats to help get into the mood of Halloween and pumpkin carving for pumpkin grown. Oh and also rex-sized Dodos. Yeah you  heard it, T-rex sized dodo birds. Those early game stages where you killed countless of their kind to thrive have come back to haunt you as the giant creature will come and mess with your day. Meet “Dodorex”:Dodorex_Dossier_2

The event is titled ‘ARK: Fear Evolved’ and is pushed out for release at the end of October. The event will run for a week. Taking on the Dodorex and other unreleased features that will be mentioned later in the month will net the player limited edition rewards and items that can only be obtained during this event. So get ready!

As a follow through on the post by the team, the dino dossiers are slowing down to once a week as they celebrate over 100 creatures introduced into the game.

There’s a reminder that the modding contest for ARK is still going strong and had an extension for the deadline: November 3rd.

In terms of new features, it looks like war drums are on their way still as teased at the end of the post.

Ark: Survival Evolved can be found on Steam for $30 USD.

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