When the Xbox One launched, the only way to get the system was packaged with Kinect. The bundle originally was priced at $500 for a 500GB console, a Kinect, and whatever game they chose to bundle with it.

Shortly after, Xbox One received a packaged without the Kinect and told consumers that ‘this will help the Kinect sell better’. The Xbox One was now available for $400, and Kinect was separately sold for $150.

Phil Spencer announced that nearly half of all Xbox One owners are using Kinect now, and both Xbox One and Kinect are receiving price drops. The Xbox One Kinect bundle will be dropping to $400 effective immediately, and the Kinect standalone will be dropping to $99.

The Kinect is mainly used for ‘non gaming purposes’, which makes the most sense. Its popular among streamers to use as a webcam, and most likely users who want to use their Xbox One to Skype with multiple people in the room.

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