In Rainbow Six Siege, players have teamed up to be the best squad they can be in intense close quarter combat. Destructible environments are taken to a whole new level as walls are shot and blown open, helping to reach opponents from every angle. Whether they are defending a bomb, saving hostages, or trying to rescue those hostages, every player earns some Renown for their efforts. Maybe, it’s time everyone got a little more.

Ubisoft has announced that this weekend will be a double Renown weekend for all players of Rainbow Six Siege. While no specific start and stop times were given, the dates are Thursday, July 28th to Monday, August 1st. Seems like a generously long weekend for fans of the online shooter.

Due to a maintenance issue on July 26th, all of those who logged on to Rainbow Six Siege that day will be given a 24 hour Renown boost. If you were one of those people, this weekend should have you swimming in Renown. Since this bonus weekend is for all consoles, those on Xbox One will have an even greater weekend, considering the fact Rainbow Six Siege is free to play for all Xbox Live Gold members from July 28th to the 31st

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