Blizzcon 2016 is fast approaching and the virtual tickets for the event is available right now. The ticket can only be purchasable once per account. The ticket will grant owners the ability to view a broadcast of the entire event which will consist of new information released for Blizzard’s various games, competitions and the famous closing ceremony.

When you buy a virtual ticket, you’ll also receive numerous bonus content in-game to celebrate. Not only that, if you’re fast and you have some more money to spare, you can purchase the physical Blizzcon goody bag (in a box) for $34.99 USD. This amazing bundle consists of:

  • Exclusive Blizzcon commemorative drinking Stein
  • Two World of Warcraft faction coasters
  • Two Heroes of the Storm E.T.C guitar pick keychain
  • A Hearthstone-designed microfiber tablet cleaning cloth
  • An inflateable Reinhardt hammer from Overwatch
  • A baby Overlord antenna topper from Starcraft II
  • and finally, a Diablo III pouch containing a full set of gaming dice

You will have to be quick as there are a limited supply of boxes available. You can place an order on the goody bag after buying the virtual ticket. After doing so, log in to the Blizzard Gear store with the same account used to purchase the ticket in order to pre-order the goody box. It is important to note that these boxes are shipped out from North America and there might be some restrictions, be sure to check out the Blizzard Gear store’s shipping policies.

The virtual ticket is being sold for $39.99 USD and can be purchased here. Blizzcon 2016 will commence from November 4th and 5th, and if you are physically turning up, you’ll receive the physical goody box when you arrive at the venue.

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