Square Enix has announced that patch 3.35 for Final Fantasy XIV will be released on Tuesday, July 19th. The main addition to the game in this patch will a new type of activity called Deep Dungeons.

Starting with the first Deep Dungeon, The Palace of the Dead, the new content will be new instances that will have players, both new and old, teaming up to fight through hordes of new enemies, as well as avoiding traps. Everyone will start from level one and work their way up in a Deep Dungeon specific progression system. The new content will be available to all players who reach character level 17.

On the official Final Fantasy XIV website, Square Enix provides a brief description of the The Palace of the Dead:

“In the subterranean city of Gelmorra, deep within a forgotten corner of Issom–Har, stout-hearted explorers have uncovered the entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon. Those who set foot inside its maddening halls find their vigor drained by an irresistible fog of innervation, and repeated excursions have failed to map its seemingly inconstant architecture. After hearing chilling accounts of spectral denizens, locals took to whispering of a “Palace of the Dead,” and the Wood Wailers now seek the assistance of adventurers in laying bare its haunted secrets…”

Last month Square Enix released patch 3.3 for Final Fantasy XIV. This update added three new dungeons, a continuation to the game’s current raid, new Beast Tribe quests, as well as treasure hunts. The patch also continues the games main scenario quest line.

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