Remedy Entertainment, the team behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break, is assisting in developing a sequel. However, it won’t be for any of its own previous titles.

Smilegate, a Korean studio, released a free-to-play shooter called Crossfire in 2007. Recently, Remedy and Smilegate have announced their partnership at the Crossfire Vision Summit held in Shanghai during the China Joy 2016 conference. It was revealed that Remedy will be developing the sequel’s story mode.

In addition to the announcement, Remedy made a tweet hinting at what to expect in the upcoming game:

Although no information regarding a release date was given, the developers have revealed that the game has been in the works for quite some time.

“We have been developing this project for a while and couldn’t be more excited to show you what we’re working on, so stay tuned for more details later down the line,” Remedy said.

Over the years the original Crossfire has gained significant popularity throughout the years with over six million concurrent players and worldwide, according the Smilegate’s official website.

Remedy’s latest game, Quantum Break, an action-adventure third-person shooter, released earlier this year and is available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Stay tuned for more updates on Crossfire 2 in the coming weeks.

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