Sports simulation games love to predict endings for large tournaments. This year, they’re predicting that the Carolina Panthers will take home the title of Super Bowl 50.

According to the report published by EA, we can expect to see a quick lead taken by the Panthers, 10 – 0. When half time comes around, the Panthers will score even more points through a field goal and another touch down. This puts them at 17 – 0.

In the 3rd quarter, Peyton Manning’s rally with the Bronco’s defense will bring their score up to 13 – 17 through a touch down and two field goals. The Denver Bronco’s keep going well into the 4th quarter, and ends up bringing the score to 20 – 17, ahead by 3 points.

The Panther’s are far from done, though, and manage to score another touch down. This brings them the Super Bowl 50 title at a final score of 24 – 20. The team will award Cam Newton the MVP title.

For Madden NFL 16, this prediction is just part of the long standing tradition. Although not always accurate, the sports simulators tie in real stats from real players, giving us the best prediction that they possibly can. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Panther’s take Super Bowl 50, though, as the Bronco’s are known to choke when Peyton Manning is around.

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