Even with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already on the market, it still seems like virtual reality has yet to truly explode. Sony might change that when the PS VR launches in October. Not only is Sony counting on virtual reality as an exciting new aspect of the game’s industry, the company also sees the technology branching beyond games, as a pillar for Sony as a whole.

Speaking during a conference in Tokyo (via TechRaptor) Sony Interactive Entertainment SEO Andrew House acknowledged the difficulties of VR, but also shared his excitement. Sony isn’t interested in forcing all games into VR. It will be an extension for traditional gaming, not a replacement. But virtual reality offers a new opportunity.

“What has encouraged me is that there’s an opportunity for smaller developers with simpler game mechanics that are very well crafted for the VR experience to have more of a significant presence than they would have on a blockbuster console. It’s intriguing,” he said.

A press release for Sony’s corporate strategy meeting implies a wider base for VR. “Sony has identified virtual reality as an area it believes offers great future potential for the Sony Group in games, as well as other areas,” it states.

Virtual reality is something where Sony feels the company can “leverage its technological strengths in areas such as digital imaging, content acquisition and production, as well as its entertainment assets.” And beyond that, they are “also considering the possibility of cultivating [virtual reality] as a new business domain.”

Simply put, Sony is betting big on virtual reality. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out when the PS VR launches October 13.

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