No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games recently released a significant update to the game called the Foundation Update, which changed many aspects of the game and aims to set up future changes as well. Now they have released yet another patch.

Patch 1.13 fixes several bugs. Some of the issues that have been fixed are a bug that would make your character small, an infinite death loop that could occur in the new survival mode, an issue where you could not warp to a new system if you were using a steam controller, and an issue with redeeming promotional reward ships when playing in survival mode.

Also included are several audio tweaks such as adding sounds for climbing ladders, adding a sound for calling in your freighter, and changing the sound when using the Terminus Teleporter, among others.

One gameplay change is also included in the patch. Space battles — a component of the game that many players felt was lacking — will now have more variance in size, and players should be able to take part in larger battles.

Despite the backlash against their game, Hello Games is certainly committed to improving upon it in as much as they can. For the full list of changes in patch 1.13, you can check out the full patch notes here.

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