No Man’s Sky has taken video game space exploration to a whole new level. There are no limits to how far in the universe you can travel and still find planets with life and other surprises. While this feature is what drives players in No Man’s Sky, it is always nice to be able to stop and settle down as well. That’s exactly what you can do with the new update.

Update 1.1, also known as the Foundation Update, has added the ability to build your home base on any planet in No Man’s Sky. This is part of the new Game Modes added. In addition to the Normal Mode that we have been playing, there is now Creative Mode, which allows even more exploration and the ability to build a base, and Survival Mode, which increases challenges and constantly keeps you on your toes.

With your new home base, you’ll have to learn to farm, recruit other alien lifeforms as part of your research team, and purchase freighters for storage and transportation. After all this, you’ll be able to set up teleporters to get you to and fro base at will. The Foundation Update also brings some useful patches to regular gameplay, so be sure to check out the full notes on the official website.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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