Makers of the ever-venerable Payday 2 Starbreeze Studios, have now joined forces with Acer to create a new division that caters exclusively to the company’s VR adventures according to a blog announcement over at Starbreeze Studios. Naming itself StarVR, the company will have a capital of $25 million set aside for the “design, manufacturing, promotion, marketing, and sales” of the company’s upcoming VR headset. Opting to get their heads into the VR market this generation, both companies have a 50-50 stake.

What Starbreeze Studios hopes to achieve with StarVR is a VR experience more focused on “professional- and location-based entertainment market such as high-end cinemas, gaming arcades, automotive retail and aviation training”. Compare this to the current projected purpose of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift; which is to have an ‘at home’ experience with VR that transports players to a new dimension. Furthermore, the specifications provided by Starbreeze Studio is nothing to sneer at as some of the specifications beat out the Vive and Rift:

“StarVR provides a truly immersive VR experience with its unique ultra-wide 210-degree horizontal field of view, with custom optics that deliver great image quality across the eye’s natural vision. This allows users to move their eyes freely in any direction and continue to be immersed in the virtual world, without the sensation of wearing blinders that conventional VR displays bring. Powered by a dual Quad HD display architecture, one per eye, StarVR provides a realistic visual experience with a total panoramic definition of 5120×1440 pixels, with highly-detailed scenes and virtually no screen door effect.”

Production on the StarVR are in full swing, however the company wants to send out a few kits first to test the waters before eventually committing and going on a full-scale production cycle.

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