Resident Evil 7: Biohazard may be deviating from some recent series changes, but one thing is definitely staying: The inventory system.

A very brief clip from Resident Evil 7’s YouTube Channel has alleviated one major concern about the new game: How would it handle inventory and resources? In the below clip, we see how exactly this will work: Weapon crates will exist with different resources within, from which you can pull what you need. Your inventory (here, at least) consists of 12 blocks in a 3×4 rectangle, in which you can fill your inventory. Most items take up only 1 block, although the shotgun is shown to take up two.

The second matter it addresses is resource management. In the player’s inventory, they hold:

  • Knife x1
  • Handgun x1 (with bullets x10)

The crate, meanwhile, holds the following:

  • Handgun ammo x5
  • M37 Shotgun x1
  • Shotgun shells x5
  • Stone statuette x1

Resources will clearly be limited; the video’s description reads, “Save your ammo… You’ll need it.” Additionally, the return of generically-named treasures like “stone statuette” indicates that there will likely be a treasure-hunting and shop system, as in previous games.

Most satisfying from the trailer? The player inspects the shotgun, and then uses its satisfying pump-action. This likely means that the same focus on combat remains, as well. Not to mention the gorgeous reload animations that have been a series staple since Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard releases January 24th. More updates are promised to come: The trailer promises 8 more “Volumes” before the game’s release, and we’ve already seen one other.

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