Capcom has released two teaser clips today of the upcoming horror game Resident Evil 7. Although brief, the clips not only pique our interest, but provide smalls clues on what to expect. The teasers are part of a 10-part video series leading up to the game’s launch in January.

The first video or volume, as it’s titled, shows a person picking up a ringing phone. Once the individual answers, a mysterious voice on the other end says, “You really shouldn’t have come here.”

“A phone is ringing… But who could it be?,” said in the video’s description.

Check out the teaser below:

The second teaser’s title, called “Shotgun in the Box,” essentially says it all. In what looks to be a shed, we see a player opening a box containing ammunition and a shotgun. We also see a glimpse of the game’s inventory interface.

This teaser’s description says, “Save your ammo… You’ll need it.” Veteran fans of the series may be happy to hear this, suggesting a return to the franchise’s survival horror roots.

Resident Evil 7 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 24, 2017. The game will also be compatible with PlayStation VR. Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the game’s launch.

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