World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion, is set to release next month. Ahead of the expansion, an update has been released, along with details on what comes in the update.

World of Warcraft’s pre-expansion update is now live. The update has added a new transmogrification system that unlocks the look of an item account-wide once it is bound to the player. Also coming in the patch are a lot of class-specific changes, including adjustments to specializations. Players will also no longer be able to begin the quest for the Legendary Ring. Those who have started it will still be able to complete it, but will need to do so before Legion launches.

The game’s graphics have also received some improvements. The title’s maximum draw distance has been “extended greatly for all world content.” Player will also find three higher settings beyond what used to be the Ultra preset. Fog should look better, and Blizzard has stated that they have incorporated “modern techniques for rendering colors and other post-effects.”

You can read the lengthy patch notes here.

World of Warcraft is available for PC. The game’s latest expansion, entitled Legion, will be available on August 30th. The expansion will raise the level cap to 110, and will add a new area, hero, raids, and more.

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