With all the news of upgraded consoles coming eventually, it looks like the Xbox One sales have shown some decline.

While Microsoft doesn’t officially give out the number of consoles sold each quarter anymore, VG24/7 has stated that Microsoft’s Q4 and full year 2016 shows an overall $152 million decrease in video game sales. However, the details in that number show something a bit more interesting.

Hardware sales for the Xbox One are down by 33%, which could be a combination of the console having almost constant sales and reductions in price, as well as decreasing sales in general. Xbox Live sales, though, show a 9% increase, meaning that those on the console are already being somewhat more active with their purchases.

Q4 revenue in the More Personal Computing sector, which includes Xbox products and sales, declined by 4% to $8.9 billion.

For the full year of 2016, the More Personal Computing sector reported revenue slightly decreased $346 million or 4%. This is due to lower revenue from Devices and Gaming. Devices and gaming also included Surface and other products.

Full year revenue for Microsoft was $85.3 billion, while their net income reported was $16.8 billion.

Microsoft also specifically showed a 7% decline in Q4 2016 revenue, showing a $20.6 billion revenue and $3.1 billion net gains.

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