It has been revealed that ARK: Survival Evolved has been downloaded on PC and Xbox One 5.5 million times.

Studio Wildcard co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz told MCV that the Xbox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved, which released in December of 2015, has sold 1.5 million copies alone.

“[Our first year] has gone very well,” Stieglitz stated. “The launch was an unexpected success, but that’s also a double edged sword because when it succeeds at that level, it kind of raises expectations about how ambitious the game is going to be, and how large of a scope it is going to have when it is finished.

“We have especially blown the doors open on what we had originally planned in terms of number of creatures, features and technical complexity. When we launched we didn’t even plan on having modding support, which has become a huge aspect of the game’s appeal and life cycle on PC. It’s been interesting to raise ourselves and our level of work to the expectations that this very large audience now has.”

Studio recently announced that they will be merging Ark: Survival of the Fittest with Survival Evolved. If you have previously purchased Survival of the Fittest, you can still play it whenever you want. Otherwise, will have have to purchase Survival Evolved in order to play Survival of the Fittest.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC and Xbox One.

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