The next Skylanders title “Skylanders: Imaginators” is just around the corner and some lucky people have managed to get a taste of the game and its fascinating new character creation feature alongside the ‘toys to life’ figures. EGM’s Emma Schaefer took a look at this feature alongside associate producer for the game, Lou Studdert and described it in great lengths.

As she mentions, the first step is naturally to have one of the elemental ‘toys to life’ crystals which serves as the character’s base. This will dictate the magical base alignment of the creation. The next step is to choose between 10 battle classes which include: the Brawler, Knight, Swashbuckler, Smasher, Sentinel, Quickshot, Bazooker, Ninja, Bowslinger and Sorcerer. These classes will determine how the creation will attack weapon-wise and ability-wise. Each class will have their own ‘Sensei’ figures to purchase and learn new moves from.

From there, there is an absolutely incredible amount of visual options. These vary between different types of faces, body and limbs. Furthermore, these can be altered in scale and color to create a truly freaky beast of nature. For the people who can get easily overwhelmed by the options, there is a randomize feature which could help.

The customization doesn’t end there, the personality of the creature is also tweaked and finely tuned. Interestingly, sound comes into play with the ability to not only determine the voice of the creature, but even some of its ‘voice lines’ which is just a cobbled together, garbled bit of audio, and the ability to add sounds to attacks.

The level of customization described in the preview is only the tip of the iceberg as more options were discovered later on. Skylanders: Imaginators will be available on October 16th, 2016 for PlayStation 3 and 4.

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