With E3 now just over a month away, gamers everywhere are getting excited for whatever Microsoft and Sony have planned. Rumors of a possible PS4.5 are everywhere, and despite denying it, Xbox looks to be setting up a new hardware release of their own.

According to Microsoft blogger Brad Sams, posting about Micorsoft and E3 on his website Thurrott, “Based on sources inside the company, expect to see new hardware at the event and there will also be a new standard controller that ships with the Xbox One.”

The new controller sounds fairly reasonable. An addition of perhaps a standard white option would be a good move at this point in the console’s life. But Sams doesn’t stop there. “The company also has something else up its sleeve that I still don’t have all the details on but it’s a much bigger deal than an updated standard controller… They will have another, much larger hardware related announcement, at E3 this year.”

Whether this will be something similar to the Xbox Elite, or more in line with what we’ve heard of the PS4.5, is still unclear. We recently detailed what we would like to see from Microsoft at E3 this year.

What would you think of a new hardware reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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