Rumors of a possible upgrade to the PS4, dubbed the PS4.5, have circulated quite a bit over the past couple weeks. But eventually the rumors reached a point that couldn’t be ignored, and Xbox Head Phil Spencer weighed in with his thoughts on such an upgrade.

Careful to point out he has no knowledge of Sony’s plans, but referring to his own console, Spencer said (via GameStop), “I’m not a big fan of Xbox One and a half. If we’re going to move forward, I want to move forward in big numbers… For us, our box is doing well. It performs, it’s reliable, the servers are doing well. If we’re going to go forward with anything, like I said, I want it to be a really substantial change for people–an upgrade.”

This is an interesting stance considering other recent comments from Spencer. “When you look at the console space, I believe we will see more hardware innovation in the console space than we’ve ever seen,” he said earlier this year at the Xbox Spring Showcase. “You’ll actually see us come out with new hardware capability during a generation allowing the same games to run backward and forward compatible…”

While a recent report suggests the PS4.5 will be officially announced before the release of PSVR this October, another report states it will likely not be able to run 4K games, like many first hoped.

As we learn more about the future of the Xbox One, and the possible PS4.5, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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