For Netflix, Daredevil was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Marvel. Quickly following up with Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season 2 is set to debut on March 26th, according to reports. This would put the show on the same release date as Batman v Superman, DC’s upcoming blockbuster.

By the sounds of things, Season 2 will be coming to Netflix before Luke Cage, also slated to release in 2016. Besides Season 2, we still have Iron Fist and Marvel’s The Defenders to look forward to.

As far as Season 2 of Daredevil goes, we have two familiar faces showing up in Hell’s Kitchen. Jon Bernthal, best known for Shane of the Walking Dead, will be joining the cast as Frank Castle(The Punisher). Elodie Yung will be joining the cast as Elektra.

We can’t rule out appearances from Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, either.

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