GoldenEye 007 nearly had a remake version on the Xbox Live Arcade, and here’s 30 minutes of gameplay thanks to Rare Thief. Alongside the video, there are a couple of screenshots showing off player options and settings.

The footage in the video showcases some of the familiar maps from the original Nintendo 64 version of GoldenEye. This includes the first mission’s Dam and Facility maps, the second mission’s Surface map and mission eight’s Aztec map. The video transitions video footage from the original game to the assets in the XBLA version, alongside several familiar weapons in the remade textures.

One of the most notable changes was how well the XBLA version ran, running on a solid 60 frames per second compared to the dismal– almost crippling frame rate issues the original N64 version had.

The video and screenshots show off certain features that seem to build upon the feedback given for the original game, including fixing the silly advantage characters like Jaws and Oddjob had by simply being shorter than any other character through the use of multiplayer settings. Alongside these settings, there were cheat codes that didn’t need to be input in like the original game.

It’s a shame the game didn’t see a full release on XBLA, it would have honestly drawn in nostalgia crowds just like the successful GoldenEye 007 on Wii back in 2010.

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