The ISAC transmission, a short live action YouTube video that adds more depth and story to the world of The Division, was released last week. Being the 18th transmission, this one follows on from the previous transmission where Agent Rainer managed to survive through a hit placed by Asher.

This transmission has a short spiel by Esmay, the ‘black-market ally’ expresses her suspicions on The Division. The transmission also leads to Agent Rainer believing that he has a hold on Asher and can do damage. From here, the transmission provides The Division players with their weekly assignment: Kill 10 named Elite Enemies in the Dark Zone. The reward will be a special item, ‘Asher’s Jacket’ which the players will be able to wear.

The task is simple but not easy, with ever impending dangers within the Dark Zone, players will have their work cut out for them as they secure 10 named Elite enemy units.

These weekly tasks were introduced from the Incursion update. Participating in these events are entirely free but are recommended for high level players. Each weekly event begins on Wednesday and change every week. That means, this week’s task of killing 10 named Elite enemies will be over soon, best to get hunting!

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