If you’re like me, you’ve amassed quite a collection of Steam games from season sales, daily deals, generally loose pockets and have only played roughly 10% of them. Now you can check just how many hours of content awaits you with SteamLeft, a website that tells you how long it will take to complete your entire Steam library.

You will need to edit your profile and make sure your profile is publically viewable for everyone to see. Then you simply type in your id, or log in with Steam and it will tell you how many continuous hours it would take to complete all of your games. Not only that but it will give you some examples of what you could do instead!

Here’s my result:


I was also given a number of alternatives for my time including:

  • Watch the Star Wars original trilogy 360 times
  • Perform open-heart surgery 569 times
  • Complete 4,554 New York Times crossword puzzles
  • Read the bible 36 times (cover to cover)
  • Listen to R Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet” 1,501 times
  • Swim 4,140 miles
  • Walk 6,831 miles
  • Or learn 1 language

Visit SteamLeft yourself and find out how long it will take to finish all of your games.

Source: How Long Would It Take To Finish Your Entire Steam Library? [Gamespot]


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