The Gears of War franchise has brought fans a massive amount of action over the years. But it would be wrong to say that it has lacked any real emotion. From the agony of war, the loss of loved ones, to the hope for tomorrow, this series truly brought it all. With the next installment coming out this fall, the preorder bonuses really tug at our nostalgia strings.

Xbox Wire has just revealed the huge amount of bonuses that fans will receive if they preorder Gears of War 4. Specifically, the Brothers to the End Elite Gear Pack. While tradition is being held to the day one players getting their gold weapons, in this case the classic Lancer and Gnasher, there are also great unique characters in this pack.


  • “Tomorrow Anya” is named after her famous words following the end of the Locust War (“Tomorrow Marcus. We finally have a tomorrow.”) Her appearance is based on her look in the Gears of War 4 television commercial, “Tomorrow,” where she was introduced as the mother of JD Fenix.
  • “Old Man Marcus” features an older Marcus Fenix as unveiled in the E3 2016 media briefing demo. Twenty-five years after the Locust War, Marcus and the COG have long since parted ways. His facial hair has grown long and his COG regulation kit has been replaced with by civilian clothes.
  • “Zombie Dom” proves there’s no keeping a good solider down, at least in the form of this character skin created as tribute to Marcus’ dearly departed best friend Dominic Santiago.

There is also a Vintage Del Pack, which comes with the Vintage Del character model and other retail specific bonuses.

The last piece of the preorder bonuses is for those who need to play some catch up. The Gears of War collection for use on Xbox One will grant you all four games in the series, prior to this one, but only for a limited time, so jump on now while you can.

Gears of War 4 will be released on October 11th for Xbox One and Windows 10.


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