With the game now hardly more than a month away, Coalition is getting set to give fans the biggest look yet at Gears of War 4. Part of PAX West, the developer is unveiling Horde 3.0 this weekend, along with letting players get their hands on the game.

Festivities kick off Friday with the reveal of the new versus mode, Arms Race. Penny Arcade’s Gabe and Tycho will go head to head in the new mode.

On Saturday is when the real fun begins however, as Coalition reveals Horde 3.0 and sets two teams against each other in First to Fifty, a competition to see which team can beat fifty waves of the new Horde mode first. “Captained by GoldGlove and FemSteph, each squad will be composed of star Gears players, including Actabunnifoofoo, SoVindictive, GuyBlaze, VernNotice, Falloutt, ImCoty, LucyMaeGames and Crream),” the Xbox Wire announcement reads.

Both the Arms Race reveal and the First to Fifty competition will air on the Gears of War Twitch Channel, starting at 6:30 PM PT for both nights. PAX West attendees will then have a chance to sign up themselves and try the new Horde mode on stage, starting at the same time Sunday night.

As we learn more about Horde 3.0 and Gears of War 4, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso. The game hits Xbox One and PC October 11.

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