The annual Summer Games Done Quick marathon stream is well underway and there are a plethora of games that will be played and streamed by some of the finest of the world’s speedrunners. Starting on the 27th of July, you can go check out the GamesDoneQuick twitch site and watch the marathon.

The 2015 Summer Games Done Quick event is currently accepting donations that will go directly to Doctors Without Borders a charity that gives doctors the ability to go to the most isolated locations around the world and provide medical assistance. The donations are encouraged throughout the stream through stream interactions such as doing special challenges if a donation goal is met.

There are more than a 100 games that will be streamed including Resident Evil 3, Donkey Kong Country, Bioshock Infinite, Tetris, Castlevania and loads more. A varied lineup across many platforms than you can check out here for exactly it’ll be played. The conclusion for the marathon will be on August 2nd; next sunday! So enjoy your summers at home in front of a fan and a stream of speedrunners!

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