Battlefield 1 will be the first game in the series to allow players to ride horses. Now, developer DICE has given details on how riding the beasts will work.

Horses are the least durable mode of transportation, but players can use the horse’s speed to avoid damage rather than charging in blindly. They can still be effective at close-quarters combat, as their speed and agility will let players trample their enemies or get close enough to strike with swords. Players can also keep a distance and use medium-range weaponry. Horses can also be effective in anti-vehicle assaults using grenades, as the horse’s speed will let them run circles around slower mechanized vehicles and harass them with explosives. Horses can also provide a support role, as players can drop ammo and health packs from the saddlebags to give teammates a boost.

Horses can be used wherever they are found in the world, and players will be able to spawn on one after death if it is available. Similar to other vehicles, horses come with their own unique class, and this Calvary class is equipped with its own gear to take full advantage of the beast.

Unlike other vehicles found in Battlefield 1, horses do have a sense of self-preservation, and will avoid acts such as jumping off cliffs or going into deep water.

Players should be able to try out both horses and the Calvary class during Battlefield 1’s open beta, which will begin on August 31st.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21st, and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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