Although it has been one day, Overwatch’s first seasonal event is under way. It won’t be the last as Blizzard had announced in a press release, that “there are more on the horizon” with “more festive Loot Box items, maps, and modes in the future”. The Summer event celebrates the upcoming Rio Olympics with new skins, sprays, logos, emotes, character highlights and game mode.

Seasonal events are a familiar feature for Blizzard games. Events such as World of Warcraft having some of the most famous events such as the “presents under the Ironforge tree” event which provides players with bonus gifts for the seasonal event. Or Hearthstone’s “Winter Veil” event which ran at the end of last year during Winter.

Furthermore, it was teased by Overwatch’s Game Director, Jeff Kaplan in the latest Developer Update that should this Summer seasonal event be well received, it will more than likely return next year. Promising that although the Olympics won’t be around next year, the Summer event will remain all-inclusive to the season rather than the event.

Knowing the potential for future content, there will hopefully be an Fall event for Halloween and and the Winter event for Christmas. Whether or not these events will fall under the same backlash this event has received with the inability to purchase seasonal content with in-game credits is to be determined.

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