Months after release, Overwatch is still going strong with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Following its reveal at Gamescom, the newest Overwatch map, Eichenwalde, is now on the PTR, and a fun Overwatch animation tool has landed on Steam.

First, a hybrid Assault/Escort map, Eichenwalde takes place in a ruined German town and abandoned castle, the site of a climactic battle between the Omnics and the German military. Players much capture and then escort a battering ram through the city streets and up to the barred castle doors. Available now in the PC Public Test Region, gamers can look for the map to hit the main PC game and consoles in the near future.

And second, for those looking to get their fix even outside the game, Steam user Speeder99123 has something special for the whole community. Called Overwatch Animations – Alpha [RIG], the tool is up for free on Steam and allows users to play around with the many different characters and animations found in Overwatch. For those interested in using the new RIG, all the details and a tutorial can be found of the Steam page.

Since its release, the tools creator and others have already starting posting great mash-ups of certain characters doing the animations of others:




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