Ubisoft released a new video in a series of videos that help to paint the world of Watch Dogs 2. In the second episode of their ‘Remote Access’ series, Senior Producer, Dominic Guay and the rest of the development team talks about DedSec, the ‘Hacktivist group’ in their game.

Guay noted that the term ‘Hacktivism’ influenced the decision to create the DedSec, which, much like its real world counterpart, is trying to achieve social change through its hacking and technological manipulation. For DedSec, the objective is to often bring out the truth by obtaining data that they deem can only be possible for them to obtain and distribute to the public.

The team describes how they ‘want to respect the subject matter’, and that the way they’re doing this is having some assistance of ‘consultant hackers’ in order to validate scripts and code that would make sense in the real world. So as to ensure the realistic approach that hacking actually is in the modern day.

Despite how serious the team is approaching the hacking side of the game, the team made sure to mention that, DedSec are a team of young people who want to have fun ‘even thought they’re dealing with dire situations’.

Watch Dogs 2 is slated for release on November 15th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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