Alongside the upcoming Natural Disasters expansion in the not-to-distant future, Paradox has announced that their next DLC pack for Cities: Skylines will include work by modder Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux. The pack will be titled ‘Content Creator Pack: Art Deco’. Paradox has stated that players who purchase the DLC will also give revenue to Crux.

“After over 3,400 hours in Cities: Skylines, it’s wonderful to have my own buildings become part of the game’s landscape,” Crux said in a post on the Paradox website. “Because the Art Deco era is so highly regarded as one of the best building styles of history, I think it needs to be represented as such. I made the suggestion to Paradox Interactive and they allowed me to come up with the buildings of my choice. I’m eager to see what the rest of the community thinks of them.”

Crux’s mods are just a few of the several thousands of modded creative content pieces that currently exist on the Steam Workshop. Modded support for the game has been pivotal to the game’s continued longevity and enjoyment while the team works on its major expansions. Paradox has mentioned that this pack would be the ‘first’, which implies there will be more DLC packs on the way from other prevalent modded content creators.

The DLC pack will be available sometime in this week for $4.99 USD.

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