Though Blizzard initially intended not to restrict the number of players that could use the same hero in Overwatch, the introduction of the ‘1-hero limit’ to Competitive Play has met with resounding approval. Responding to fan requests for the limit to also apply to the more casual Quick Play mode, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has admitted the team is looking into it.

“We’re really glad that people are enjoying the 1-hero limit in Competitive Play so much. We were extremely nervous about implementing it and we were relieved that it was received so positively,” Kaplan writes on the Overwatch forums. The restriction makes it so only a single player on each team can play a specific hero.

“We know there is a strong desire for the same rule in Quick Play. We have some ideas of how we might introduce this concept without removing the ability for people to enjoy the game the way they do now. It’s not something we’re moving super fast on because we know there are people who enjoy the game both ways and we want to make sure that everyone is represented.”

While it’s not likely coming any time soon, fans of the 1-hero limit can take solace in the fact that it is on the developers’ minds. “We’re actively exploring how to have the best of both worlds for folks right now,” Kaplan concludes.

Whether Blizzard is looking into possibly another casual game mode to run alongside Quick Play, or something else entirely, only time will tell.

Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2, along with the mode’s reworked ranking and rewards system, starts September 6.

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