The competitive season hasn’t even ended yet for Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch since its release and a World Cup has already been announced for the game.  The developers have announced their plans for the very first World Cup for the FPS game in a series of exhibition matches to showcase the world’s best players in the community.

The tournament will have a total of sixteen teams from America, Asian Pacific and Europe with four teams from the Americas, six teams from the Asian Pacific and six teams from Europe. Certain countries are already guaranteed a team spot due to “a variety of factors, including server locations, regional infrastructure and connectivity, and other geographical considerations”. These include the United States, Canada and Brazil for the American region, and China, South Korea and Australia for the Asian Pacific region.

It is noted that the winner of the World Cup will not receive a monetary prize of any sort. Instead, the winning team will receive a free trip and pass to the upcoming Blizzcon 2016 where they will be recognized and receive an appearance bonus. The voting process will begin on August 11th as information on professional players, high competitive ranked players and skilled community players will be on display for voters to read through soon. In order to vote, you simply have to own a copy of Overwatch. The online matches will begin in September, to wrap up before Blizzcon in November this year.

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