PC players will get their chance to explore the world of No Man’s Sky pretty soon. The release date for the PC version of the game has been announced. The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray made the announcement on his Twitter account. The console version of the game was released on August 9th, the company delayed the PC version of the game to focus on improving it before the launch of the game, and it will release worldwide on August 12th.

Before the game’s initial launch, Hello Games released a day-one patch to the game. This patch added a variety of changes that enhanced the overall experience of the title. The patch address many of the issues that players who got their hands on an early copy of the game ran into.

Some of these changes include adding three unique story paths that players could follow by making specific choices throughout the game, changes to the placement of planets, as well as adjusted the algorithm that is responsible for how plants and animals are generated in the game. Hello Games have also stated that this patch has made the universe of No Man’s Sky 10 times larger. For more on No Man’s Sky keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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