There is no doubt that the main driving force behind each and every good Pokemon master is, Gotta Catch’em All. Well, sometimes they are not all available and you have to make do with what you can get. In that case, you wanna catch the ones that are really great and will bring your team up in the ranks. No Pokemon works better in this regard than one that is legendary.

While many people have gone to crazy lengths to get all the wonderful creatures of Pokemon Go, one man from Ohio has claimed to catch the legendary bird, known as Articuno. This person went on to the game’s subreddit to show his findings. He even went so far as to post a video on YouTube when others asked to see his Pokedex.

Many a hesitant to accept that this man found the first legendary bird in Pokemon Go. Part of this is because Niantic specifically stated that they were waiting for a special event or occasion. Many theories have arisen from this news, such as the Articuno came from a glitch after the most recent update or that the man hacked his way into the game to change his Pokemon’s model to Articuno.

There is no clear answer right now, but hopefully we will see an official word from Niantic soon.

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