Ubisoft’s next installment of the popular Ghost Recon franchise, Ghost Recon Wildlands, has the help of two hugely experienced and successful novelists to create an authentic and dramatic story. Don Winslow, the best-selling author of The Cartel and Savages, alongside co-writer Shane Salerno, who is currently working on the next four sequels to the Avatar film, have joined up on their first ever trip into the world of video game narrative. In a recent behind the scenes look from Ubisoft, the pair speak about their background, and knowledge of the international drug trade.

Salerno admits to loving the work of the series author Clancy, and declares,”I’ve been a Tom Clancy fan ever since I first read The Hunt For Red October.” Winslow tells us he has been involved in writing about drug cartels for over 20 years and has “brought that knowledge to the story, scenes, characters and dialogue found in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands is set against the backdrop of South America and covers a vast and diverse open-world map. It pits your team against the brutal drug cartels of the region, and is the first Ghost Recon to feature the open-world sandbox style, giving players lots of different ways to complete their missions. This also posed an exciting challenge for the writers as it meant there were lots of variations to the way the narrative can unfold. Winslow and Salerno think they have given the title an authentic and realistic feels throughout.

Senior Producer of the game, Nouredine Abboud, is also confident in the writing team’s ability, stating, “We knew that Don Winslow and Shane Salerno would be the perfect team to help us keep the game rooted in reality while keeping the game’s core entertainment experience.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands releases across all major platforms March 7th. Check Back to Gamespresso for any further news surrounding this, or any other latest titles.

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