Overwatch continues to improve over time as more new features are introduced to the pipeline. A plea for some form of replay and spectate feature cropped up on the Battle.net forums a few days ago, with Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s Game Director stepping in and reassuring fans that these two features are indeed what the team are working on:

“We are very excited to get the opportunity to work on both of the features that you mentioned — a replay system and a spectate only feature.

Both have been on our schedule for some time but have gotten bumped for different reasons. The same people who would work on those features ended up being re-prioritized to working on high bandwith server technology, Season 2 competitive mode changes and matchmaking improvements. We also have another feature request in front of the replay system — the ability to save highlights. Some of the work here is a step towards replays (another top requested feature) so it makes sense for this to come first when the time comes.”

The patch for the 60 tick rate has already been implemented into the game and users have noticed some improvements in game. With that out of the way, the team will more than likely be looking into closing up Overwatch’s competitive Season 1. With no real date for the new features, it can be estimated that these features will roll around sometime at the start of the second competitive season.

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