The end of the first ever Rocket League Championship series wasn’t an occasion to rest on their laurels; the team over at Psyonix kicked their gear into overdrive by working on season 2. To that end, the team announced on the official Rocket League site that RLC will return and much sooner than expected. Starting on the 24th of August, season 2 registration will begin, allowing players  to participate in the biggest Rocket League tournament to date.

For the second season, the stakes are higher as the prize pool has increased from the original $75,000 to $250,000. Just like in the previous season, teams from Europe and America will be able to fight for the crown.

One of the biggest changes in the simplification of the tournament process. This time around, the tournament will consist of an Open Qualifier, League Play, Regional Playoffs and the Grand Final. The Open Qualifier will be the first series of matches where the numerous teams will challenge each other until the top eight teams remain in each region. From there, League Play will determine each team’s rankings for the Regional Playoffs with a series of round-robin matches in a best of five rounds over the course of four weeks. The Regional Playoffs will take the top 6 teams in each region and narrow down to the top 4, with the top 2 teams in League Play receiving an automatic place at the Grand Finals. The rest will have to fight to take the last two spaces in each region.

More information is expected to be released in the coming days, including the registration page on the 24th of August. We’ll be releasing an article at that time so keep your eye peeled rocketeers!


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