Numerous sources have reported a rumor that developer Blizzard is working on an HD remaster of StarCraft, and could announce it as soon as September.

The rumor comes from Korean news site iNews24, who states that the updated version of the game will feature improved graphics and a better UI, while still remaining the same game overall.

“Today, multiple sources with knowledge of Blizzard internal plans said that Blizzard will reveal StarCraft HD to the public this September. The StarCraft HD remastered version will retain the original gameplay and is said to have improved graphics resolution and user interface (UI).”

The site also says that further details of the game were likely to appear in November at BlizzCon. A September reveal would be likely due to occurrence of the StarCraft II World Championship Series.

StarCraft was originally released in 1998 and is considered by many to be one of the most prolific and important games ever released.

“In the distant future, the newly formed Terran Dominion faces the arrival of two hostile alien races: the savage Zerg and the enigmatic Protoss. Gather resources and expand your forces to lead them to victory. The only allies are enemies. The only choice is war.”

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