Ubisoft has revealed a new form of PvP multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2, named Bounty Hunter mode.

Much like in the original Watch Dogs, performing certain activities draws the attention of others, and attracting too much attention could result in a police chase.

A police chase that leads to a Bounty Hunter event will “spill over” into another player’s game, allowing them to join in with the police and attempt to hunt you down. Up to three different players can team up as hunters to chase you down if you continue to avoid getting caught.

Those doing the chasing will be awarded with new followers – the main “reward” in the game – as well as “multiplayer points” after they successfully catch and eliminate you.

As the one being hunted, successfully evading your hunters will award you new followers, and the eventual elimination of your bounty. You can even go a step further by attempting to eliminate your hunters, leading to an even larger reward. The more hunters you eliminate, the bigger the reward.

Along with the new details, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 can be played completely offline, if you so desire.

“While it’s blended with the single-player experience, tackling the multiplayer isn’t necessary to play through the campaign — in fact, Watch Dogs 2 can be played entirely offline,”  wrote. “How you access multiplayer is also highly customizable; not only can you turn it on or off entirely, you can decide which modes you’re open to individually.”

Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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