Since Microsoft granted the wishes of many Xbox One owners and finally added Xbox 360 backward compatibility, there have been a large number of titles added. Recently, one was added that has made many fans of the Far Cry series quite happy. While there is still a long list of games that fans want to see made available, especially Red Dead Redemption, more and more titles are being added all the time. This next one is for all the fans of the classic beat’em up.

Were you the type of person to punch quarters into the arcade for games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom? If so, you’ll be happy about the next Xbox One game added via backward compatibility. Shank 2 is a brawler that originally came out in 2012 and is back for action on Microsoft’s latest console. This was announced by none other than Major Nelson with a tweet.  Take down enemies with fists, fallen weapons, and even exploding molotov cocktails.

Your friends can join in the fun too with an endless survival mode. Keep at it and see just how far you can go against the baddies of Shank 2. This title is $9.99 on the Xbox Store, so get it now.

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