Late night Xbox One gamers rejoice! One thing that has haunted us since the launch of Xbox One is the dreaded start-up sound, which always seems to echo throughout the house. That will soon change, according to Larry Hryb “Major Nelson”, and his Twitter Feed. “We’ve heard feedback re: the Xbox One startup chime. Here is a preview of how we’ll address it in an upcoming update.”

In the accompanying image, you can see that the setting to modify the start up chime is located under Power mode & Startup on the Xbox One menu. When you select the option you can change it between off or on. You’ll also be able to disable the shut off noise, so when you’re watching Netflix late at night and you fall asleep, it won’t wake you up.

The new setting is not available as of yet but will be available soon as part of a future update, members of the Xbox One preview programme will be able to get hands-on with right now if they download the latest preview dashboard. If you wish to join the preview programme you’ll need to be invited by someone who is already a part of the program.

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