In a move befitting the internet, one YouTuber has begun a petition to the White House asking them to make– or assist in the creation of– Skate 4.

It has been 6 years since Skate 3 came to last gen consoles, and although the game is likely coming to current gen consoles in the near future via Xbox One backwards compatibility, for some that isn’t enough. Certainly in the wake of some disappointing Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, it’s been a while since skate-gamers have had something new to sink their teeth into.

Enter YouTuber X7 Albert, who releases videos on skating games regularly. In what can only be called a call to arms, X7 Albert has set up a petition to the White House concerning the development and release of another game in the series. The video in which he does so is aptly named “Obama Make Skate 4”.

On the “Have EA make Skate 4” page, if the petition gets 100,000 signatures, “President Obama has to see it, has to respond to it,” X7 Albert says. Although clearly a long-shot (at best), it will at least draw attention (and some good-hearted laughs) to the matter.

Currently, the petition has just over 2,500 signatures, only 2.5% of what it needs, but with your help, Obama might have to ask what Skate 4 is and why it matters. You can sign the petition here.

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