ARK: Survival Evolved is a game that lets players roam a massive world of dinosaurs, go on adventures, gain experience, and tame those monstrous reptiles to be on your side. While reception for this game has mostly been positive, there was a recent announcement that caused some players to be less than thrilled with developer, Studio Wildcard. For those that wish to see their point of view on the matter, the team has addressed it themselves.

If you are not aware of the controversy, ARK: Survival Evolved is still in Early Access and has been for over a year. Even with this, the developers announced and released an expansion, which has caused some players to be upset over the idea of more and more content without finishing what is there for a full release.

Studio Wildcard is well aware of this issue and after thanking all the loyal fans stated, “Everyone at Wildcard wakes up every day thinking about how we can make ARK into a better game today than it was the day before. It’s not always easy, but our intent is ever-forward progress towards a retail release that will  be far more ambitious in scope and features than our original vision when we launched ARK into Steam Early Access in June 2015. Your feedback enables us to continually expand the game to become better than ever!”

To see the full statement, check it out on their official forums.

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