SEGA projected to investors a return of $1.7 billion this financial year, and has now changed its prediction to $1.3 billion. The recent announcement comes after an attempted market at slot and pachinko machines, themed after Fist of the North Star and Bayonetta.

SEGA still has plans to launch two more pachinko machines, and will hopefully make a better return off of them in the future.

Moving forward, they are trying to encourage about 200 employees to take a ‘voluntary retirement’. The cutting of about 200 jobs will allow SEGA to focus on its future, and more relevant to us, its video games.

SEGA’s Hajime Satomi mentioned how SEGA needs to focus much more on the quality of the content, no the quantity. The 200 job cuts did not effect the video game division, and they wish to rebuild trust in the eyes of gamers when it comes to some of their more beloved franchises. (Yes, we are looking at you, Sonic the Hedgehog.)

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