The year 2017 promises to be incredibly exciting for the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, with the announcement of the Heroes Global Circuit 2017. Announced by Blizzard on their US Heroes of the Storm eSports site, while other plans for 2017 are not currently being shared, the team wanted to show off just a little bit with the HGC 2017. According to the site, North America, Europe, China and Korea will be receiving a more ‘uniform online league format’.

The new format hopes to find the top 8 teams in all of the regions, and provide these teams with ‘compensation and regular competition’. By catering to these teams, the company hopes to have a more consistent roster all year long, which will lead to higher production values.

For countries not in the listed regions, the circuit will still include countries in South-East Asian, Taiwan, Latin America and Oceania with international events. The HGC will also be bringing teams from differing regions together to face off one another, unifying the global playerbase.

The HGC will be opened to amateur players teams as well with two Blizzard-sponsored Open Divisions throughout the year. Amateur teams that manage to show exceptional progress in the weekly open tournaments and take the top two spots will be able to fight against teams in the top 8 who aren’t performing very well. Beating these pro teams will allow the amateur teams to enter the prestigious title of ‘top 8’.

More news on the upcoming changes and additions for 2017 are expected to appear in the coming months, stay tuned for more information.

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