A new video has been released by Firaxis Games that offers players a glimpse at Civilization VI’s Unstacking Cities feature.

“Unstacking Cities has implications that permeate the entirety of the Civilization VI experience and this change presents new emergent strategies to players,” Firaxis Games explains. “Choosing where to settle your city is now more crucial than it has ever been, as available tiles affect the potency of Districts and limit what Wonders can be erected in that particular city. This mean players must adapt to their environment, consider greater city specialization and create more diverse empires throughout play.”

Previously players would queue up a build order and construct whatever building that they wanted. With Unstacking Cities, players now have to think more about where they place their buildings to gain adjacency bonuses and wonder compatibility. The feature will also affect combat. Players will have to keep in mind how spread out their city is, as enemies will be able to cripple cities before finishing it off by taking out key infrastructures.

Civilization VI will also sport a brand new art style. Art director Brian Busatti has explained that the game’s art style was changed in order to improve the game’s look when zoomed out. Busatti also stated that the game will still have unique units, whose looks will change depending on the region that the character is from.

Civilization VI will release for PC on October 21st.

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