A recent hands-on with Forza Horizon 3 at an event put on by Microsoft shows off the first 60 minutes of the upcoming racer.

EGMNow was able to play Forza Horizon 3, and were able to check out the first hour of the game (seen below). Instead of just participating in the Horizon festival, the player was part of the promotions team, and had to try to grow the festival and gather as many fans to the event as possible. The player was able to choose what cities the festival would spread to to, as well as choose what events they would be able to participate in, using their fame and racing proficiency to help increase attendance. The hands-on preview also showed just how beautiful that the upcoming racer will be.

It was announced that players will be able to choose between a 150-song soundtrack or the ability to stream their own music through Microsoft’s Groove service. The game’s soundtrack will be across eight, in-game radio stations, including returning favorites such as Horizon Pulse and Horizon Bass Arena, as well as new stations that will add music from genres such as hip hop, indie rock, punk/metal, and classical music. Players will also be able to stream their own soundtrack on the Xbox One and PC with a Groove Music Pass.

Forza Horizon 3 will release on September 27th for Xbox One and PC, and will release four days earlier for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition. A demo was released for the game over the weekend, and comes in at just under 19GB.

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