With plenty of secrets popping up in Destiny: Rise of Iron since it released last week, one of the more peculiar is the fact that the new social area, the Iron Temple, is actually much larger than you thought. It is possible to open the massive set of doors at the other end of the bridge, from the other side, opening up the area beyond.

Following yesterday’s in-game reset, once players complete the new Wrath of the Machine raid they receive an item called an Isenfyre token. The token simply instructs the player to “Pay your respects in the Iron Temple.” If you go to the central fire pit in the social area however, you will receive a prompt to use the token. You are then launched up in the air to the top of the tower on the other side of the bridge.

Though simple, you can see the process in the video below from YouTuber Patrick Casey.

After collecting the SIVA cluster stashed on top of the tower, the player can jump down and open the doors from the other side, allowing anyone in the tower to explore the rest of Felwinter Peak. The token is consumed when you make the jump.

Rise of Iron is the latest, and likely final expansion for Destiny. Though not packing as much content as last years The Taken King, the content Rise of Iron does deliver is high-quality and a blast to play. Check out all our thoughts in our full review.

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